“Voir le monde comme je suis, non comme il est.”  P. Eluard

"See the world as I am, not as it is"

For Elsa Parant, the decisive moment happened to be in 2013 when she embarked on a creative journey as photography student at the "Fotoacademie" of Amsterdam.

This meditative journey is one of ongoing discovery, enchantment without a set destination. Carried by imagination, Elsa keeps on walking and walking until the lines between fiction and reality become blurry.

As J.L Borges said "Really, nobody knows whether the world is realistic or fantastic, that is to say, whether the world is a natural process or whether it is a kind of dream, a dream that we may or may not share with others." Elsa Parant decided to share this dream with others. Are you ready to travel further?

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Discover some of Elsa's work exhibited at the PHOTO FESTIVAL LES AZIMUTÉS in Uzès from 19th until 28th August  and come share a "Voyage fantastique dans l’imaginaire" on Thursday 25th at 11h





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